• Experience, efficiency, reliability and profitability for your events

  • Setting standards in the entertainment industry for more 25 years

  • We’ve got live shows in our DNA


More than 25 years working with the biggest names in event and festival production.


Our management strategies assure low costs and maximised profits.


Our team becomes your team, and we are by your side through the entire process.

25 years experience in high profile events and festivals

For the last 20 years we have worked in the biggest and best festivals and events in Spain. From our first big date, Doctor Music Festival, to Primavera Sound, Arenal Sound, Rototom Sunsplash and scores of other music, charity and sporting events…

About us

Peter Kane Productions borns in 1994 due to the growth in the demand of services produced by the proliferation of Macro shows and festivals in spanish territory.

Through these 25 years, Peter Kane Productions has become established as a referential Production Company, offering a wide spectrum of services for the national and the international market, specializing in festivals.

The quantity and the variety of projects made has marked a division of the company in different lines of bussines able to encompass all the aspects of production and logistics for shows and events.

The knowledge and experience we possess has allowed us to always be at the head of the market in projects of reference.

  • Experience

    Our experience allows us to make a comprehensive planning and to have total control of our services to offer organizational, logistical and administrative solutions in complex projects where the control of the costs and the control of the project are fundamental.

  • Trust

    Based on a background of successful projects and a clear and transparent communication with our clients and partners. We make every event ours for your relief.

  • Satisfaction

    Our goal is to please the client fulfilling its targets and expectations and solving its needs. Bringing quality and an added value as much in the services as in the relations.

  • Proactivity

    Our knowledge allows us to detect possible incidents and to offer a rapid solution before they even take place, be it before, during or after the project.

What do our clients think?

It really is worth working with Peter Kane Productions. They managed the U2 and Bruce Springsteen tours on 2009, 2010 and 2011 for us, coordinating our logistic and electrical production. All we can say about them is that for the first time in many tours we had everything in the time agreed, without troubles. One must take into account we were controlling about 300 workers.

Peter Kane Productions works with us since 1995. No one like them to cover the production and make the counters in the concerts profitable without giving any trouble at all. Profitability and efficiency support them.

Working with Peter Kane Productions is synonymous with quality, cost-effectiveness and professionalism.

Elrow Town (Pueblo Español) was a tremendously positive experience. Professionalism, bottom-line delivery and competitive! The team was fantastic and made everything so easy. Thank you Peter Kane Productions.

The experience was EXTRAORDINARY, and not just on a professional level, but on a personal one as well. They took care of everything we needed down to the very last detail, technical or otherwise. The treatment we received was exceptional in every way.

PKP has always been synonymous with trust, professionalism, efficiency and a job done right… They’ve partnered with us on many projects and the outcome is always immensely positive. A true pleasure to work with.

All I can do is take my hat off to Peter Kane Productions. They truly are Superprofessionals.

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