for festivals, concerts and events.

Our team’s experience spans 25 plus years and comprises experts in an array of fields. All of that becomes part of your team too. So we can provide streamlined planning at every stage of production, saving you time and money and avoiding surprises.

  • We’ve got experience counselling clients on how to ensure the best results at the lowest price.

  • Comprehensive consultancy for all needs, from event planning to post-production and end-point appraisal.

  • We adapt to your event production company to offer guidance and assistance every step of the way.

  • Reliability and responsibility that translate into complete confidentiality and transparency.

Comprehensive bar design and operations management

for festivals, concerts and events.

Our wealth of experience and expertise means we can deliver tailor-made equipment strategies, source the right professionals for every job, negotiate with the top suppliers in every area and deliver the very best bar management solutions. The comprehensive and personalised service we offer each client ensures maximum profits and the highest possible quality in service.

Bar and catering services

for events: presentations, openings, sports fixtures, charity events, theme parties, etc.

We are experts in bar services for events (pre-production, logistical planning and equipment sourcing, staffing, vendor negotiations, catering services, execution and performance assessment). Our exceptional catering services provide results you can count on and absolute peace of mind.

Event production and logistics

charity and sporting events, openings, presentations, theme parties, etc.

Our vast experience and specialised teams mean we can produce events that are creative and original whilst still keeping costs low. We will be there with you every step of the way: from the concept through to the execution, with everything from equipment installs to staffing, supplier relations, artist negotiations and security to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Staff management and staffing for events

catering service staff, technicians, assistants, etc.

Our team members are human resource experts with more than 25 years in the field. They handpick and coordinate the best staff teams for every task and every kind of event.

What do our clients think?

It really is worth working with Peter Kane Productions. They managed the U2 and Bruce Springsteen tours on 2009, 2010 and 2011 for us, coordinating our logistic and electrical production. All we can say about them is that for the first time in many tours we had everything in the time agreed, without troubles. One must take into account we were controlling about 300 workers.

Peter Kane Productions works with us since 1995. No one like them to cover the production and make the counters in the concerts profitable without giving any trouble at all. Profitability and efficiency support them.

Working with Peter Kane Productions is synonymous with quality, cost-effectiveness and professionalism.

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